Our business model

We own and develop products and services that increase traffic and sales online. The company's goal is to become a market leader in lead generation and performance-based marketing within the verticals and in the markets in which the company operates.
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Business model

Speqta develops and operates platforms to generate leads and performance-based online marketing. Using our unique tool Speqta Big Data Engine ™, we reduce the cost of customer acquisition, while sales and margins will increase for our online business partners. Our platforms contain information and inspiration for consumers across a wide range of areas like fashion, financial services and food.  

A majority of our revenue comes from performance-based marketing, so-called affiliate marketing. Simply put, an affiliate is a site or an app that publish and aggregates marketing materials, such as discount codes from an e-commerce store, and then receives compensation for the traffic that is the forwarded to the stores. The compensation is linked to an event on the website, for example a click, signing up for a newsletter or a purchase in the store

Performance based marketing
Speqta BigData Engine™

By owning and operating a large network of sites and apps focused on generating leads and performance-based online marketing, we generate visitors worth much more when passed on to our business partners. The higher value is due to the fact that the visitors have come further in their journey towards a purchase decision, which much more often results in a purchase compared to other sources online.

Through the company's unique data system, Speqta BigData Engine ™, valuable knowledge is generated that makes it possible to more accurately target offers to consumers which are then more valuable and that generate much higher revenue and margins than previously possible.

The company's goal is to become the market leader in generating leads and performance-based marketing within the verticals and in markets where the company operates.

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