Speqta In Brief

Speqta is an Adtech company that offers traffic generating services in eCommerce using data and AI. The company has two services: The Affiliate network Shopello and the SaaS service Bidbrain. This focused strategy was the result of the 2021/2022 strategic review where Rahalaitos and Vinklubben (incl Mytaste) and Affilijet were divested. Read more in "Our History"


Make the best growth technologies available to all online stores


To continue to develop and make technic and data-driven growth tools available to eCommerce stores. No financial targets are set, but the goal is to increase customers organically for the SaaS service Bidbrain.


eCommerce stores and digital agencies that focus on eCommerce customers.

Business Model

The SaaS platform Bidbrain has a monthly subscription fee (fixed MRR) but also a variable fee depending on ad spend (variable MRR). The Affiliate network Shopello has a CPC (Cost Per Click) but also a CPO (Cost Per Order) with a %-addon on the traffic cost.
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Speqta in numbers

Another way to describe us - unbiased, fair and to the point.
Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) TSEK
Revenue per Bidbrain store TSEK/month
Customers in Shopello & Bidbrain
962 & 23

The team matters

Speqta is a team of individuals with many different backgrounds and nationalities. We believe this plays a fundamental role in our success - for us; there is no business unless we have an awesome complementing team.
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Our values

Our values defines who we are and where we are going. We have four common values:

We Curiously Care - since we are humans!

We love to Challenge - since better is always different!

We are Honest and sincere - since no one likes a black box!

We create great Results Together - since graphs pointing upwards are more fun!

The Speqtacular

The Speqta brand stands for spe(q)tacular. It inspires us to be spectacular, to build spectacular products and create spectacular results for our customers and shareholders. Expect no less!
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