Speqta In Brief

Speqta is an adtech company that enables online advertisers to optimise their marketing through data and AI. The company’s SaaS service BrightBid (including Bidbrain) is a tool to give customers the best possible results and bridge different ad platforms. We have a history of innovation and performance-based marketing. Read more under "Our story"


All online advertisers should have the best AI-based tech to independently optimize their ad spend


Empowering online advertisers to optimize their adspend with AI.


Online advertisers

Business Model

The SaaS service BrightBid (incl Bidbrain) has a monthly subscription fee, depending on how much ad spend the customer has and which of the service's modules are used.

About BrightBid

Founded in 2020. BrightBid is a service creating clear results and added value for online advertisers, via harnessing the power of emerging technologies like AI to drive customer value. Also includes the functionality of the service Bidbrain www.bidbrain.com. Read more on www.brightbid.com
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The Speqtacular

The Speqta brand stands for spe(q)tacular. It inspires us to be spectacular, to build spectacular products and create spectacular results for our customers and shareholders. Expect no less!
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