Your privacy and integrity matter to us

GDPR was implemented the 25th of May in 2018, it brought a shift of perspective toward individual people owning their own personal data, and data stored about themselves. At Speqta we wholeheartedly support and welcome this development. We take integrity seriously and have been compliant with GDPR since it has been in effect. This means, among other things, that we have reviewed our internal processes regarding the handling of personal data, appointed a person internally who is responsible to look after these matters (DPO) and take active decisions regarding which information we really need to store to be able to provide our services with the integrity of our users and customers in mind at all times.

GDPR and PUL (Personuppgiftslagen - a Swedish law regulating similar matters) are similar and overlaps, however GDPR brings some additions. In particular a stronger focus on consent for storage of data and and the possibility for individuals to deregister from newsletters, advertising and other send outs. GDPR also strengthens the possibility to have the stored data about an individual deleted. We have adapted our internal systems and processes to in a satisfactory way be able to comply to these requirements.

If you have any questions regarding out GDPR compliance or work, please contact: [email protected]