General principle 

At Speqta, we strive to conduct our business in a sustainable manner. We aim to create a small environmental and socially positive footprint that reflects our high morals, values and show respect for all parties concerned. With that in mind, we are consistently seeking opportunities to raise the bar for our work and to set an example to others.


Speqta has five main stakeholders: customers/partners, suppliers, employees, investors and society. In order to structure the sustainability work, a number of areas have been identified in which our operations impact our stakeholders and we have the responsibility and ability to control our footprint. 

1. Customers/Partners

Our customers and partners are important parts of our efforts on sustainability. Treating them with respect and according to good conduct is of importance and part of the company culture contributing to company success. We work within different areas as cornerstones in our sustainability work, such as knowing your partner, knowing your customer, integrity and anti-corruption.

Knowing your partner

We are careful in the selection of our partners to ensure we work with organisations highly suitable to the task at hand and successful in their respective fields. We consider the overall impact of their business in our selection and qualification of potential partners keeping both their and our own sustainability in mind.

Knowing your customers:
Consumer behavior is changing. Heightened awareness of sustainability among consumers are changing current more linear consumption patterns. We must adapt to changing consumer behavior if Speqta is to continue to provide products and services that are relevant to our target groups.

Our products and services help match consumers with products and services curating better deals for all parties involved. This means we help consumers save money and partners increase sales but also to find more high quality products better suited to their needs in turn reducing waste.

Maintaining integrity is about ensuring the highest standard of system and data security. Speqta regularly conducts controls, analyses, tests and implements innovative tools to further increase security.

Data protection is managed by a designated Data Protection Officer, Joakim Berg. This work is based on a review of operations, current contracts and other arrangements for sharing data with partners, suppliers, and clients, as well as internal procedures to safeguard protection before sharing personal data. Speqta was compliant with GDPR (The European General Data Protection Regulation) when it entered into force in May 2018 and are keeping track of any changes in the GDPR regulations to make sure we remain compliant.  

Speqta does not tolerate corruption or bribery under any circumstances and has a policy that regulates this. There have been no reported cases of corruption or bribery within Speqta.

2. Suppliers 

Speqta’s main suppliers are related to digital services, IT, office and facilities.
As with customers and partners, Speqta believes that long-term relationships based on mutual interests, generates healthy, sustainable growth for all parties involved.
Speqta has a number of suppliers in different areas such as i.e. digital marketing services, IT services and financial services. In these collaborations, we strive to push our suppliers to act in accordance with an ethical standard consistent with our standards. When it comes to services related to office supplies and maintenance, Speqta aims at choosing local companies in Stockholm, as it supports the local community while making sense environmentally and business-wise. 

3. Employees 

Speqta offers exciting career opportunities in a modern, flexible, stimulating and healthy working environment. For a fast-growing company such as ourselves, maintaining, retaining and acquiring talent at the required pace is a constant challenge. Not only in terms of recruitment, but also in terms of structure and routines for a sound HR-function. We attach great importance to this area and as from 2019 have appointed the role of the Chief People Officer, with the aim of continuing to develop and establish the HR function.

Speqta offers a modern, flexible, stimulating and healthy working environment that enables attractive and healthy work-life balance. We are convinced that diversity drives innovation and are proud that currently people from 6 different countries work within Speqta. We are developing our organisation to a diverse and uniquely competent workforce where professional qualities are not being compromised over other factors such as cultural background, gender or physical disabilities.

Speqta has a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination and sexual harassment. At the beginning of Q2 2019, the distribution between women and men was as follows: In the company as a whole, 60 percent are men and 40 percent women. In the executive management, ~ 67 percent are men and ~ 33 women, and on the board, ~ 83 percent are men and ~ 17 percent are women. We have the ambition to level out the balances over time, while we believe that it is essential with the right person in the right place regardless of gender. We have a serious ambition to develop our leaders further and to support our employees in growing and taking on new responsibilities and new roles within the company. Another area we focus on is to clarify roles and responsibilities and goals. We also work to establish a culture where we challenge how we work today and encourage creativity and innovation while strengthening our work processes.

4. Investors

Speqta aims at delivering long-term value for shareholders through a sustainable business model. One challenge in this area is to sustain strong growth while maintaining sustainable and responsible operations. Another challenge is to get the shareholders onboard when in terms of trusting that our strategy is the sustainable way forward. Our aim is to be transparent to the public market when it comes to our operations.

Speqta strives towards sustainable and healthy growth with reasonable financial targets in the short- to medium-term with balanced debt ratio. Operations are focusing on segments with long-term potential and the revenue model is based on a growing market within performance-based marketing for online businesses.

Investor relations:
As a company on First North, Speqta aims at maintaining a fair share value through predictability based on clear and relevant financial Information. Routines and content for financial reporting is continuously being improved based on feedback from the capital market and the company is identifying additional forums to meet with potential and current investors such as capital markets days or seminars. In line with the above, we evaluate, prioritize and allocate appropriate corporate resources.

5. Society 

Speqta has ambitions to interact actively with the local communities in which we operate as well as global society when it comes to the environment and the impact from the online business industry as a whole.

Environmental impact:
Being an online business, Speqta has a relatively limited impact on the natural environment. Nonetheless, we are committed to seeking opportunities to lower the negative impact of our infrastructure and daily operations. Our largest footprint comes from servers, energy use, and business travels. As a result, we aim at choosing video conference calls over business travel and by upgrading technology to energy saving alternatives.
In most of our products and services we help consumers find better products and better deals. This means we help consumers save money but also to find more suited and higher quality products that last longer.

Our goal is to select certified and organic products for our office for food and office supplies when available.

Social footprint
We currently sponsor a local floorball youth team for girls and are looking into growing a continuous NGO engagement. During the course of 2019 we are establishing a long term plan to generate positive social impact.