General principles

At Speqta, we strive to run the business in the most sustainable way possible. Not only by limiting the impact on the environment, but also creating a positive footprint, which reflects our moral compass, our values, and which shows consideration and respect for all parties involved. It is an ongoing process, and we are constantly raising the boundaries of our work and at the same time want to act as a role model for other organizations.

Speqta's goal is to deliver long-term value for our shareholders, through sustainable business models. The challenge is to maintain strong growth and at the same time run a responsible and sustainable business. Speqta strives for sustainable and healthy growth, with reasonable financial goals in the short to medium term and part of that is to have a balanced debt ratio. We focus on segments with long-term potential and the revenue models are based on performance-based marketing for online businesses. A type of business that is growing rapidly.

Being a company listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market, Speqta focuses on maintaining a fair share price through predictability, based on clear and relevant financial information. With feedback from the capital market, routines and content for financial reporting are continuously improved. New forums, where the company can meet potential investors, are identified on an ongoing basis. In line with the above, we evaluate, prioritize and allocate resources internally, to find and execute opportunities.

The Board is primarily responsible for Speqta's sustainability work. Operationally responsible is:

Chief People Officer (Hannes Rosén). Competence is also possessed by the CEO, Fredrik Lindros.

Areas of sustainability

Speqta's goals include acting as a role model. We have identified six areas that we want to highlight extra in our work with sustainability. We relate to the five areas required by the Annual Accounts Act (ÅRL) and a sixth area, which we consider relevant to Speqta. The areas are: 1. Environment, 2. Social conditions, 3. Personnel, 4. Human rights, 5. Anti-corruption and 6. Actively contribute to a positive development in society. Going forward, it is described how we work in a structured way, and how we take responsibility and our ability to have an impact on the footprint we create in these areas.

1. Environment

As an online business, Speqta has a relatively limited environmental impact. Regardless of this, we work with determination to find new opportunities to reduce the negative impact we have after all, through our infrastructure and daily operations. Our biggest environmental footprint comes from servers, the use of energy and business travel.

Servers: Server halls, where Speqta has its own servers, are climate certified with ISO 14001, and use environmentally approved electricity. For the solutions that are migrated to cloud-based solutions, we use global players with a solid environmental profile.

Travel: During the pandemic, we have naturally increased our share of video calls and virtual meetings instead of traveling. To a more frequent extent, customer and partner meetings are handled via video. This effort for the environment also leads to a more efficient company. More than 90% of our staff use public transport, walking or cycling, to get to work or to physical meetings when needed.

Additional impact on the environment: In 2020, we will have almost completely switched to digital invoices with our suppliers, digital archives and to digital signatures, which removes the need for physical prints and thereby reduces our environmental footprint. In addition, this also facilitates the management of legal and financial work processes, which in addition also makes us a more efficient organization. The goal is also, whenever possible, to choose environmentally certified and sustainable products for the office, for example, when it comes to food and office supplies.

2. Social conditions

In most of our products and services, we help consumers find better alternatives and at the same time do better business. It also means that we help consumers save money.

Content & Comparison: In this business area, we have comparison services, which guide consumers to make better decisions. In today's information society, the amount of information available is constantly increasing, which in turn leads to an elusive online world for many. Therefore, we are convinced that by providing the opportunity to compare different players against each other, you can improve the situation that the consumer has ended up in. In our loan comparison services, we compare up to 25 different lenders, so that the consumer gets the best possible interest rate and terms. We are convinced that loan comparisons have an important place in a sustainable range of services, not to drive new loan volumes, but to support the private economy for those who need it. For us, it is important that the consumer makes financially wise decisions, which is done, for example, when bundling the loans and thereby obtaining better terms.

AdTech: At AdTech, we help e-retailers get traffic to their store through new technology, which strengthens e-retailers' business operations. E-commerce as a phenomenon has challenges with returns, but based on social conditions, it is generally positive. E-commerce as an industry opens up for new entrepreneurship throughout Sweden and Europe and also plays an important role in enabling the distribution of supply across borders.

3. Staff

Speqta offers career opportunities in a modern, flexible, stimulating and healthy environment. Being a fast-growing knowledge-based company like Speqta, it is a constant challenge to maintain, develop and recruit top competencies. HR is not only challenging when it comes to recruitment, but also to establish and maintain a strong structure and clear meaningful routines for a well-functioning organization. We are investing large resources in this area and have, since 2019, appointed a new role - Chief People Officer, with a clear objective to continue to further develop and establish the HR function.

Speqta offers a healthy work environment, with a sound balance between work and leisure. We are convinced that diversity contributes to innovation, and are proud to have employees from different countries, who work together daily to take Speqta to the next level. We develop our organization with diversity and unique skills, where professional qualities are not compromised against other factors such as cultural background, gender, or functional variations.

Since the covid-19 pandemic began to play a major role in the well-being of our staff, we have added the Blue Call service, which is a benefit for all employees. It is a service that provides a contact person for professional support calls in a digital, covid19-secure environment.

Speqta has zero tolerance for discrimination and sexual harassment. At the beginning of 2021, the balance between women and men was as follows: In the company, 70% are men and 30% women. In the company management and on the board, ~ 82% are men and ~ 18% are women. Our ambition is, that over time even out the imbalances, while we believe it is important to have the right person in the right place, regardless of gender.

We have a serious ambition to develop our leaders and to support our employees in their development to take on new responsibilities and assume new roles within the company. An additional area we focus on is to clarify roles, areas of responsibility and targets. We also work to establish a culture where we challenge the way we work today, furthermore that creativity and innovation are encouraged at the same time as we strengthen the work processes.

4. Human rights

We carry no production in factories. However, there is a risk that we drive traffic to e-retailers who conduct production, or buy from suppliers, who conduct production under dubious conditions.

Maintaining our integrity is about ensuring a high standard of system and data security. Speqta regularly performs checks, analyzes, tests and implements various tools to continuously strengthen safety.

Data security is overseen by our Data Protection Officer. This work includes, among other things, screening our routines, contracts, and other collaborations, where we share data with other partners, suppliers and that we have internal processes that protect against unwanted access to personal data. Speqta was secured in accordance with GDPR when it entered into force, in May 2018, and acts in accordance with all changes and updates made in the area to continue to comply with the directive.

5. Anti-Corruption

Under no circumstances does Speqta tolerate corruption or bribery and is guided by a policy that regulates this. There have been no reported cases of corruption or bribery within Speqta.

6. Active positive development in society

Speqta's sixth area is about us choosing to actively pursue one or more of the UN's global goals (Agenda 2030). In 2021, Speqta will focus on the area of health and well-being.

We try to use our expertise to support the community. At AdTech, for example, we can use our AI to help charities sell more contributing products on Google Shopping. These organizations often lack sufficient financial means or their own marketing department, which our Bidbrain service can help them with. First out in early 2021, is a test with a charity organization, where we do a pilot project with Google Shopping and Bidbrain. After evaluating that pilot project, we will decide whether expanding that part of our sustainability work is the right way to go. If we see that it has a positive effect on the charity, we will look for similar collaborations.