Jonas Söderqvist

Jonas Söderqvist

Chief Growth Officer (2019)




Secondary Education

Other ongoing assignments

Chairman of the board of Up & Away Sverige AB, myTaste Operations AB and 203 Labs AB. Board member of Net Gaming Europe AB, 203 Brands AB, 203 Dev AB, Shopello International AB, Kampanjjakt Sverige AB , Receptindex in Sverige AB and condominium compound Odengatan 106.

Previous assigments over the past five years

Chairman of the board of 203 Media AB. Board member (alternate) and CEO of AllaAnnonser Sverige AB. Board member (alternate) of Matklubben i Sverige AB. Co-owner of Produktion 203 Handelsbolag. Board member (alternate) of 203 Creative AB.


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Is a member of the executive management and is not independent from the major shareholders